International Development

Culture is at the heart of development. Decades of development cooperation have demonstrated that projects are highly likely to fail if local cultural understandings are not taken into consideration. At the same time heritage can be fruitfully utilized as a resource in poverty alleviation. African Heritage Consulting can assist with your project/programme development, management and/or evaluation.

Menno Welling has facilitated the development of the Malawi national programme on the promotion of culture and heritage (2011-2014) after previously having been satisfactorily engaged in the evaluation of the cultural projects funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Malawi. In a different capacity, Menno led the establishment of Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre which improved the livelihoods of communities around Lengwe National Park, ensure reforestation and increase a sense of self-pride and consciousness through the revitalization of tradional cotton weaving.

Weaving Certificates